I'm mainly in Minsk, but not from there,

so do not feel strange to have wide interests.

However, often guided by passion or development of something - not necessarily my own. Understanding or approval is not required.
I can afford it.

«Not everything in life should be focused on making money or finding a sexual partner» – for such a notion the majority of the local population is ready to eat me alive.
But never the less.


For the first, about business, if you don't mind:

Everything is very simple:

happy to play in my own affairs and help others on adequate conditions.


Although creativity dominates in me..

I do not think you should definitely make your hobby a profitable activity.

So, sometimes I just


Perhaps you can guess

that we can not make a deal in absentia.

Make an appointment to find out how we can interact:

p.s. I'm not restricted by only business or creativity. For example, arhboy - nickname in eSports.